The Kieran Binnie Fund for Craft

Over the years that Pathcarvers has been going, people have been very generous with their time, and we have had some wonderful donations given to us over the years, of tools, and money, and this has enabled us to help a lot of people through craft and provide support for people with their mental and physical health.

Earlier this year, we were approached by Lost Art Press, and Kieran Binnie’s wife, Rachel, wanting to set up a memorial fund to remember Kieran, and hearing more about who Kieran was, we knew that this was something we had to do. Remembering someone like Kieran, through positive actions like these is something we wanted very much to be a part of.

During the discussions on setting up this fund, it was important to Rachel and everyone involved that the money raised is used to help people progress within craft and ensure that craftspeople feel supported with their mental health, which we plan to do. Chris and Megan from Lost Art Press have very kindly said they will continue promoting the fund, and we will continue to put more open courses and support into place the more the fund grows. You can find out more on the GoFundMe page here

Rachel’s eulogy for Kieran can be read here.

You can read Chris’s blog post on the Lost Art Press website here.

You can find out more about Kieran, his work and what he was about on his blog Over the Wireless and Instagram.

You can also donate via paypal here