Pathcarvers is an organisation bringing traditional crafts and creative arts to all areas of the community. Part of our project is to help introduce traditional crafts and creative arts to sections of the community that would not usually have the access or the opportunity to experience the beneficial effects that they can bring. We work alongside organisations such as drug and alcohol rehabilitation, mental health services, low income families, prisons, carers and people who would find the effects and skills gained from participating in developing a traditional craft based activity useful for their day to day living.

The types of craft that we concentrate on providing center on skills that require a level of technique that can only be taught by a skilled craftsperson. Generally, access to these skills and courses is only available to people with time and resources. Pathcarvers is bringing these highly beneficial activities to people who do not usually have the opportunity to access this area.

The tutors we use are all leading craftspeople in their own area, all are also very skilled in relating their craft to people on every level of competency.