Summer school 2023 Aug 29th – Sept 1st

After an amazing wood carving summer school last year, we are lucky enough to be able to have another one this year. Completely free, travel bursary that covers Birmingham and lunch, and drinks every day. To apply, please email

Our Carving Clubs

Pathcarvers began over five years ago. When we started, we thought, quite early on, that having a carving club would be a great way of bringing some of the local carvers together and hopefully creating a group where everyone could get together and share skills and stories. Encourage the more experienced carvers to help the…

The Kieran Binnie Fund for Craft

Over the years that Pathcarvers has been going, people have been very generous with their time, and we have had some wonderful donations given to us over the years, of tools, and money, and this has enabled us to help a lot of people through craft and provide support for people with their mental and…

Meet the team

Along with JoJo Wood, we are lucky enough to be joined on our journey by these wonderful people. They will be working in their regions, with others in their area, and helping us use craft to help with peoples mental health, their physical health, and use craft to make a positive change. David Edwards, West…

Subsidised course spaces

The act of making is an incredibly therapeutic thing. When you have a knife and a piece of wood in your hands, the world fades away into a meditative silence. Our founder JoJo Wood Craft has spoken for years about how this can really help mental health, and many other people agree.⁣⁣⁣⁣We want to give something back,…

JoJo Wood

JoJo Wood is the director and founder of  Pathcarvers, a social enterprise based in Birmingham, UK. JoJo is a skilled and highly regarded craftsperson, having worked with wood all her life. She also spends a lot of time teaching, giving talks and spreading the beneficial aspects of craft and how it can help in every…

I choose Birmingham

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Classes for young people

Pathcarvers offer classes and activity sessions for young people and homeschoolers. Our classes are led by professional and dedicated craftspeople who are very experienced in delivering interesting and exciting courses in woodwork, carving and other creative courses in art, textiles and jewellery making. Our classes are tailored appropriate to the class, participants and skill levels….

Art and Music Therapy for teens

Music and art are increasingly being used as tools for therapy for high school students who have faced trauma — from sexual abuse to homelessness — and have been proven to help students cope, both physically and psychologically. Read more here 

New premises in Birmingham

We are so excited to announce to forthcoming opening of our new workshop, training and retail space in Birmingham. There is quite a bit of work to do, and we aim to be open in the next few weeks, with an opening week full of activities. The Pathcarvers Workshop will be a space where we…